Flush Away Your Toilet Problems

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Are you dealing with a clogged toilet? T-Rex Plumbing, LLC offers expert plumbing services at homes and businesses in Shepherd and Cleveland, TX and surrounding areas. Our master plumbers will come to assess your toilet issues and provide the toilet repair services you need promptly.

Don't let a broken toilet put your bathroom out of commission. Call 936-306-5208 to get a free plumbing repair estimate today.

When the plunger fails, we prevail

When the plunger fails, we prevail

A malfunctioning toilet can ruin your whole day. T-Rex Plumbing offers prompt toilet repair services you can rely on. Call us if your...

  • Toilet is continuously running.
  • Pipes are leaking.
  • Tank or bowl is cracked.
No matter your needs, you can trust us to get your bathroom back up and running. Contact our professional plumbing company in Shepherd and Cleveland, TX to ask about our plumbing services today.