Hiring a Master Plumber Will Give You Peace of Mind

Turn to T-Rex Plumbing in Shepherd or Cleveland, TX for high-quality plumbing services

Who needs a plumber when you’ve got a wrench, a toilet plunger or plumbing tutorial videos? Surely fixing a leaky faucet or installing a water heater can’t be all that hard—right? The reality is that a master plumber can save you the trouble and prevent you from causing a lot of damage.

T-Rex Plumbing, LLC offers a wide range of plumbing services to residents of the Shepherd and Cleveland, TX and the surrounding areas. Our licensed master plumber (#42840)…

  • Has over a decade of industry experience.
  • Offers free estimates over the phone.
  • Is dependable and honest.



Even if you think you can solve your plumbing issue yourself, contact T-Rex Plumbing. At the very least, you’ll free up your afternoon.

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Get to know our family

T-Rex Plumbing was founded in 2019 by Troy Williamson. His career as a master plumber began with an apprenticeship in 2006. After working as a journeyman plumber and then a foreman at two companies, he started his own business. Honesty, integrity and 100% customer satisfaction are the core of his small business.

Troy is a loving husband to his wife Amanda, and he dotes on his daughters Layla and Leslie.

T-Rex Plumbing is proud to be family-owned and -operated. We're here to serve you. Turn to us for all your residential or commercial plumbing needs.

Top 5 reasons to hire a master plumber

Plumbing repair and fixture installation work shouldn't DIY projects. Our master plumber in can...

Handle your toilet installation, so you won't risk injuring yourself.

Upgrade your dinosaur of a plumbing system, so you can prevent leaks.

Pinpoint the source of your foundation leak, so you can avoid further water damage.

Replace your sewer line and unclog your drain, so you won't have to do the dirty work.

Give you a second opinion about your water heater, so you won't waste money on a premature water heater installation.

These are just a sample of the plumbing services that T-Rex Plumbing offers. Contact us today for more information.